Tuesday, March 25, 2003

In class today we have been discussing the advantages an disadvantages of e-learning. I have experienced both sides as mentioned in my previous entry. This can be said particularly in reference to my previous entry where i noted that my computer was not working very well as well as the fact that I have learnt from e-learning in another subject. I find the disadvatages more prominent however as the social interaction and technical problems are more significant problems I have faced.
During the last week I have become a little frustrated as my computer at home is not working too well making it difficult for me to do my e-learning. I think that this subject will be quite relevant to me throughout the rest of my course as learning on the computer has already been a significant part of my learning already. In reference to this I would like to comment on how effective e-learning can be. In another subject, I have been required to complete an online quiz every week. i have found that this has improved my knowledge of the subject significantly.