Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I have chosen to participate in the tyypingmaster online typing course. Because of company policy I was only able to participate in three lessons, however, I was still able to gain a significant insight into the concept of e-learning.


Before starting the course, I expected that I would be able to touchtype by the end of the course. I expected it to be pretty easy as I have done lots of typing before. I also expected to be able to finish the course.

After completing the first three lessons, I found that it was not possible to finish the course as I would have to pay. This extremely frustrating and annoying. I decided that since I had already started and gained a satisfactory insight into e-learning I would just write my report on the lessons that I was able to complete.

I now know that touchtyping is not as easy as I initially thought. I found it extremely difficult to type withouut looking at the keyboard. I can not touchtype for the life of me.


I learnt a significant amount on the effective and not so effective methods of e-learnng. I learnt that using repeatition can be helpful in the learning process however, too much can lead to boredom and reduce the level of motivation. Most of the course involved typing letters and words that didn't make sense and were'nt real words. I found this gave me as the learner a false sense of purpose and made the course seem pointless. I learnt that the use of games is a fun way to assist in learning. It made the course more interesting and enjoyable. I also found that the ennvironment affected my learning. The classroom was way to noisy and made it hard to learn.


I reccomend that the whole course be available online although i do understand that thai would defeat the purpose.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

In reference to Assignment 1,during the last week I have subscribed to two e-learning magazines and two e-learning newsletters. The links are listed below.


eLearn Magazine



Training Directors' Forum e-Net

TechLearn Trends

Monday, March 31, 2003

During the past week I have found that motivating myself to learn on the computer and participate in e-learning is extremely difficult. This is major setback in the firld of e-learning. Not having any specific time and day made me forget to do my online learning and therefore provided no motivation.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

In class today we have been discussing the advantages an disadvantages of e-learning. I have experienced both sides as mentioned in my previous entry. This can be said particularly in reference to my previous entry where i noted that my computer was not working very well as well as the fact that I have learnt from e-learning in another subject. I find the disadvatages more prominent however as the social interaction and technical problems are more significant problems I have faced.
During the last week I have become a little frustrated as my computer at home is not working too well making it difficult for me to do my e-learning. I think that this subject will be quite relevant to me throughout the rest of my course as learning on the computer has already been a significant part of my learning already. In reference to this I would like to comment on how effective e-learning can be. In another subject, I have been required to complete an online quiz every week. i have found that this has improved my knowledge of the subject significantly.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Hi, welcome to my weblog...........enjoy. This is my first entry into what will be a continuous journal for e-learning throughout this semester.